Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The CNE lab is currently researching the effects of mild TBI (or concussion) and PTSD on the brain and behavior. The symptoms of these two conditions are often overlapping, which can complicate diagnosis. This has been further complicated by the fact that the two are frequently seen together in Veterans who served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Therefore, it is important to determine the unique (and shared) contributions of each disorder to cognitive and emotional changes. Identifying subtle neurological changes – noninvasively recorded biomarkers of brain function – associated with each condition will further our understanding and inform efforts to develop improved cognitive rehabilitation and other therapeutic interventions.

We are also examining the effects of moderate to severe TBI, in addition to other neurological conditions such as stroke. These projects use a combination of behavioral and ERP methods (brain wave recordings).

Turret gunners of Combat Logistics Battalion 7

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