How are psychological processes related to the structure and function of the human brain? How are they affected by neurological and psychiatric disorders? Research interests in the Cognitive Neuropsychology and Electrophysiology Lab include three main aspects of cognition: executive control, language, and memory. Our current focus is on the effects of TBI and PTSD on cognitive function and emotional control in Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This work is informed by the CNE Lab’s general interest in Executive Control and frontal lobe functions. Finally, we have a long-standing interest in Language and Aphasia in stroke survivors.

We employ the methods of neuropsychology, electrophysiology, and structural neuroimaging. Neuropsychology incorporates experimental study of the cognitive abilities of patients with acquired brain injuries, whereas electrophysiology (EEG or “brain waves”) includes the use of event-related potentials (ERPs) to gain insight into the timing of cognitive processes. In cases of focal brain injury, structural MRI is used to determine the necessity of particular brain regions for implementing a cognitive process or generating an ERP component.

For questions about any of our studies, please call 925-370-4004 or email us. To participate in an experiment, please see our Recruitment Flyers for details on eligibility: for individuals with PTSD and for healthy individuals. If you’ve had a stroke or other brain injury, please see this flyer.


Afghanistan photo by DVIDSHUB (some rights reserved)

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